Seo Migration: How To Do It

SEO migration represents the set of technical activities to be carried out on a website being published in order to ensure the maintenance of the trust obtained over the years and of the incoming traffic from search engines.

Migrating a site is probably one of the most difficult, most delicate and unfortunately very often underestimated activities by those who work in the web world, and excellent technical skills are required to carry it out correctly and effectively.

The pages of websites present in the indexes of search engines acquire value over time, thanks to the content present in them and to any incoming links they receive. This value, attributed by the search engine algorithm, allows the page to obtain some visibility in the search results when people search for something in target with the page content.

Basically, for the page to acquire value and position itself, it must:

  • Be optimized for search engines;
  • Be read and analyzed by spiders.


You have surely understood that migrating a site is very important for your business. Migrating means "moving to a different place from that of origin" so, if you think you are part of one of the activities that I am going to list below, surely you will have to implement a strategy to migrate the SEO activity of your website so as not to lose the value acquired so far.

  • Domain name change;
  • TLD exchange (top-level domain);
  • HTTP / HTTPS protocol change;
  • Platform exchange;
  • Update layout and graphics of the current site.


The SEO migration of a website serves not to lose the positioning achieved so far on search engines, to avoid drops in unpaid traffic, to improve and increase the visibility of the site's contents to increase (in the medium / long term) the number of positioning and incoming traffic but, more importantly: guaranteeing continuity of service to visitors.


Should SEO migration also be done on e-commerce sites?

This type of activity must be carried out on any type of website, showcase, corporate, catalog, blog, portal and above all e-commerce since it is very important to guarantee the correct functioning of the site and of the service to your customers to avoid decreases in turnover.

If a visitor searches for a specific product on Google but the product sheet is not reachable at that moment, the visitor leaves your site and looks elsewhere, there is little to do!

What are the activities to perform during the SEO migration of a website?

Now that you have the concept clear and you know what it means to migrate the SEO activity of a website, we can go into detail and define a list of activities to be divided into 3 parts, in fact migration is a set of activities carried out before, during and after publishing a website online.

How long does it take?

The answer is: it depends on the number of content indexed on search engines and the complexity of the site. A small site will require less effort and time than a multi-language e-commerce site with thousands of products indexed on Google.

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